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Bruce has spent five decades practicing falconry and studying wild raptors. A graduate of Oregon State University, Bruce conducted one of the early radio-telemetry studies of the prairie falcon. As a wildlife biologist for the Idaho Department of Fish and Game, he did peregrine reintroduction and population monitoring. For two decades, he bred peregrines for both falconry and reintroduction efforts.

He also has extensive experience trapping and studying wild raptors. For the past 10 years, Bruce has studied raptor migration through the western Great Basin using  VHF and satellite telemetry. His interest in the urban adaptation of raptors led him to study both accipiter hawks and the three subspecies of merlins that winter in southwestern Idaho.

Bruce was introduced to falconry by the “old guard” in the Washington, D.C. area in the early 1960s. These falconers, including Alva Nye, Brian McDonald, and Jim Fox, pioneered beach trapping in Virginia and Maryland. He moved to the West Coast in 1967, where he was exposed to duck hawking under ideal conditions.

Bruce has flown prairie falcons, peregrines, red-naped shaheens, and gyrfalcons at ducks, partridge, pheasants, and prairie grouse; he is also fond of flying tiercels at small game like doves, quail, and snipe.

In the 1990s, Bruce authored two raptor-related books: The Hunting Falcon, about the sport of falconry, and Pirate of the Plains, a natural history book about prairie falcons and the high desert environment of the Pacific Northwest. 


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